Sierra Land Clearing specializes in mechanical mastication. This process is critical for land management. Fuels reduction maintains forest health and mitigates the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

Who We Are

Sierra Land Clearing is a forestry mulching company located in El Dorado County. We are an LTO licensed and insured forestry business. From when we first come out to look at a project, until the job is completed, communication and a superior finished product are our primary goals. We promise to bid your job fairly, and give an honest assessment about what you need. We pride ourselves in being a company dedicated to bringing state of the art machinery and experienced operators to each job. We are known in the industry for the excellence of our finished product.

Forestry Mulching - Why Do It?

The escalation of wildfires in California has made it critical for government agencies and land owners to manage their property. Underbrush provides the fuels that burn into the canopy of trees, and creates fuel ladders. Uncontrollable wild fires happen because flames can race through the canopy, taking advantage of the abundance of this fuel. Thinning trees and brush by mastication is a cost effective way to decrease these horizontal and vertical fire fuels. This will decrease the risk of fire, and create a healthier environment for the existing plants and animals.

Forestry mulching is the process of grinding vegetation into smaller pieces and distributing them back on top of the soil. The powerful machines can quickly take care of a job that might take months if attempted by hand. This complete system eradicates wild fire fuels, and processes them in one step. An environmentally friendly way to reduce the threat of fire, and put nutrients back into the soil.

Our Equipment

At Sierra Land Clearing we use state of the art equipment in our mechanical fuel management system. These machines have the power to remove small or large trees, and vegetation with minimal soil disturbance. Our project manager and experienced operators create a system for each project which utilizes these powerful machines to create a park like finish.

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